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Yoo-Beom was Jae-Chan’s private tutor when Jae-Chan was a student, but an incident caused Jae-Chan to dislike him. My day is incomplete without listening to the OST's. They are really matched as a trio (prosecutor, lawyer, and reporter) and both of them can protect each other through the dreams. A wasted cast, boring, I expected some kind of improvement with the next episodes, the development of the relationship has no logic. Lee Jong-Suk character is really plain, again no development. The OST is also worth listening too there are some gems in there. Because i like how the plot and story is well written. Lee Yu Beom, I honestly despise him with all my heart. I have watched a lot of her work but I can say that this is her best. i think she has improved so much throughout her whole acting career and in this drama i think she did an amazing job. I can't say suzy is the best actress, but she is one of my favorite.Yoo-Beom was a prosecutor, but he now works as a lawyer. Jae-Chan and his younger brother move to new house and they become neighbors with Hong-Joo. My eyebags & tears aren't just wasted because of the scenes that bring laughters & "butterflies on the stomach". The "plot twist" was very obvious since the first chapters, all was obvious, not really tensions moments because you already knew that judgments would go well in some way. I loved this so much, it's DEFINITELY worth watching! It is a story about honor, loyalty, love (not just romantic but also for family and friends, redemption, the power of forgiveness, the destructiveness of hate. jongsuk and suzy and the 2nd lead actor are beautiful people . He makes my blood boil and my veins pop, which proves that Sang-Yeob really is an amazing actor, as he has that effect on a lot of people. My favourite one is 'When Night Falls' by Eddy Kim. The plot always has a twist and I get more engrossed in each episode. when she cries i think i can feel her pain because she do it with so much sincerity. The perfect balance of a great story and amazing actors, and i must say all of the actors were really goodlooking ? The kind of drama that you would want to keep watching again and again. She deliver Hong Joo's character successfully, love all her antics.. Little details we choose to change may affect other person's life.I've seen so many kiss scenes in dramas but their kiss under the rain was the sweetest of all..

If you compare it with another Lee Jong Suk drama such as Pinnochio or Doctor Stranger or W(which is my best drama), you will understand what I mean.

It made this drama kinda lose its pace in the middle towards before end (I enjoyed last 2 episodes).

You could tell that this was no crappy, low-budget kdrama, and that the producers, writers, editors, artists, and actors ALL tried hard!

RATING: A- to A (9/10) SETTING/CINEMATOGRAPHY: WYWS's cinematography and setting was VERY beautiful. CAST: Of course, no one can hate Lee Jong Suk or Suzy.

But still this one is one of my best I've watched along with W and doctors..

The ost is great and the chemistry between both MC is great for me.

Yoo-Beom becomes furious at Jae-Chan, but Hong-Joo hugs him and thanks him. I love LJS and this is one of his best along with "W". maybe it was a lil different from what i usually expect from the both of them. Hahha, lmao one of the best dramas of 2017;without a doubt (highly recommended) and here are the reasons why: 1) One of the most complete casts ever! the plot, OST ESPECIALLY, cinematography and acting were great. In romance at all Lee Jong-Suk with Bae Suzy, I cannot feel there have chemistry at all because episodes 1 are very okay, but on other episodes nothing but when it comes to the chemistry of Shin Jae-Ha and Kim So-Hyun its very good. Some may said that three people dreams are cliche and probably boring, but it's the character's given opportunity and choice that started the dream.

Jae-Chan and Hong-Joo later work together to solve other cases. it was okay, but it felt different if you're am avid fan of park hyeryun and lee jong suk. Now, I know why people recommended this drama to me. One kdrama completed with genre in term of sad, funny, thriller , romcom and for lee jong suk oppa. (had no favourite leading character in this drama; they were all outstanding). The choice to repay the kindness of the other person they owe.

3) I promise you would not be bored from start to finish (every episode was intense) and i assure you will feel a range of emotions (one episode you are laughing uncontrollably and the next episode you feel teary ) I've watched several high-rated and popular Kdrama starting from Goblin to "Legend of the Blue Sea" to "Father is Strange", Money Flower, My Golden Life, etc. Hmm I'm a fan of both protagonists but I find no chemistry between them. The story line was promosing at first and pretty smart until they ruined it by adding one more person whom can foresee the future as well but somehow his dreams were different from Hong Joo's (I know he played a crucial role which helped the main characters a lot) ofc Hae In's acting was okay but I don't think it's necessary to make him had that ability too.

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